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Trade Show Exhibiting – How to, How Much, and Where to Find

by Bev Gray

Trade show exhibiting is like setting up a lemonade stand where all of your potential customers are already gathered.

If you’ve never exhibited at a trade show, you are missing out on a unique opportunity to showcase your business in a way that allows your customers to personally experience your product or service.

Today Bev Gray, CEO of Exhibit Edge, is going to show you why, how, and where you can get started with trade show exhibiting.

Trade Shows Promote Your Business

What better way to create a buzz about your business than a creative display at a local event? Develop an inventive and unique way to represent your company or the solution you offer and then follow it up afterwards throughout your social media channels.

By meeting your customers face-to-face, you are able to qualify viable leads. You can better understand your market, their needs, and how your offering can best appeal to those already showing an interest. This is also your chance to collect contact information from those leads and use it to follow up and continue those relationships.

If you have chosen to exhibit at a trade show, so have some of your competitors. This is the perfect opportunity to scope them out! By conducting competition comparison on their trade show exhibits and strategies, you can better understand what you need to do to stand out above them. You can see their promotions, their latest news, and how attendees are responding to their exhibit. Learn from this research and take the lead in your market!

If you are selling a product, you can shorten the buying process by implementing a Point of Purchase into your exhibit. Check out JuniorBiz’s article “9 Magnetic Offline Strategies that Attract New Customers” to see when a POP can be a valuable strategy for your business. While you have your potential customers excited about your product, make the sale right then to avoid giving your competitors a chance to steal them away!

Perhaps the most important advantage to exhibiting is the ability to distribute samples or showcase your services. As we focused on before, the best way to have your company become your customers’ favorite is to let them experience you. Be sure you make a notable first impression and give them something useful to take home to remember you.

So, you’re convinced you need to exhibit — now what?

How Much do Trade Shows Cost?

Costs for the actual trade show or event vary greatly and can range from $75 to $4,000. These costs depend on the appeal and focus of the event. For example, local Chamber of Commerce shows will be significantly cheaper than an industry-wide B2B event. If these costs seem high to you, consider volunteering or bartering to help lower the expenses.

Your exhibit costs will depend on your desired materials and scope. They range from $0 (if you are creative) to $3,000 (if you want it “over the top”). Your local exhibit company, such as our team at Exhibit Edge, can help you create a display within your budget that you can be proud of!

Where can I Find a Trade Show in my Area?

Stay current on local events going on in your community and check out the websites below. Remember to stay open-minded and come up with creative avenues to showcase your business!

The Trade Show Calendar

Trade Show News Network

Are you thinking about exhibiting at a trade show?  Or, have you recently exhibited? If so, please share your thoughts and experience in the comments below. We’ll be around to provide answers to any questions you have.

Image by ZachStern