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Keith J. Davis Jr. grew up watching his father sell watches, clothing and anything else he could get his hands on.

Following his dad’s footsteps, ten-year-old Keith ventured to a wholesale market, where he bought a dozen hats at a few bucks a pop. He sold them all back for about $10 in profit each. Instead of being satisfied with his success, Keith kept selling: at school, he sold everything from Yu-Gi-Oh cards to magnetic earrings to bubble gum.

Today, Keith is 19 and he’s gone from his middle school’s ‘bubble gum man’ to a college freshman at the University of Houston and an entrepreneur of all trades. He somehow finds time to be a nationally known public speaker, actor, model, newspaper publisher, and author. His newspaper, Fyt Ya (renaming to Idealist Magazine), and his book, Young? So What!, are both aimed towards empowering young people to become successful entrepreneurs.

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