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At age ten, I was completely broke.

Two girls came to live in our home that year. They came with a mom and two brothers, but I thought about them less. My parents welcomed their family into ours.

Springtime broke into the Estes Valley, creating unlimited opportunities for pinecone and spear grass wars. I tried to express my affection for the new ladies by throwing a handful of needles into their backs. They were far from twitter pated.

Running away from my advances, they turned my brother’s and my eyes towards something far greater than sharp thistles and sap between our fingers. I agreed, anything to spend more time with them. They called it, “Entrepreneurship”. I called it, “Lemonade”.

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Your brand is your promise of quality to your clients. Brand identity can’t be built in a day. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to turn your small business into a recognized brand. But a strong corporate identity is a must if you want your business to be successful.

A brand identity is the most basic of reasons for customers to choose you over other companies. It makes your business appear professional and experienced. Your brand highlights the unique qualities of your business and therefore, attracts potential customers.

The logo is the most important component that determines your brand image. Let’s quickly learn about what it takes to have a successful logo for your business.

Learn the Basics of Designing a Logo…

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Let’s say you just built your first webpage. You’re ready for business: be it advertising, e-tailing, affiliates or any other monetization strategy. Before you see any conversion, however, you need traffic – lots of traffic.

Welcome to the basics of search engine optimization (SEO for those of us in the business). My name is Rob Stretch, student entrepreneur from the University of Missouri, and I’ve been invited to walk you through some basics of SEO practice.

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This is a guest post by Ben Foster, owner of

Mowing lawns is a great business. Below I have outlined 5 reasons why you should start a lawn mowing business instead of, say, an eyelash clipping business.

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