How to Start a Business

10 Steps to Starting and Building a Business

by Nicholas Tart

You love the idea of starting, running, and building a business (or else you wouldn’t be reading this). It’s something that’s an extension of yourself, fulfills your passion, and provides you with the best life you could ever live.

But the keyword is that you “love the idea”. Very few people actually know how to start, run, and build a business. That’s why JuniorBiz was born.

More specifically, that’s why we spent $80,000 on our education, dedicated hundreds of hours studying the world’s top young entrepreneurs, and combined this knowledge into one of the web’s most comprehensive, practical guides on how to start a business.

10 Steps to Starting and Building a Business:

  1. Have an Idea – Small, big, or kooky.
  2. Know the Ropes – Check out your market and competition.
  3. Plan your Success – Discover how you’ll make money.
  4. Legal Mumbo Jumbo – Everything from licenses to LLCs.
  5. Market your Business – Hone in on your target market.
  6. Reach your Customers – Let people know you exist.
  7. Lift Off – Transform your plans into actions.
  8. Get it Done – Master the day-to-day.
  9. Find your Fortune – How to collect and manage your money.
  10. Grow – Earn a spot in our next book.

Vague, Right?

Yep. Those steps are just the beginning. Nick and I are wrapping those steps into a free gift that you can begin unwrapping right now.

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