Market: How to Get Free Business Cards

by Nicholas Tart · 0 comments

From Market your Business – Hone in on your Target Market

You need business cards, period. You’ll meet people almost every day who will want to help you. It’s your responsibility to give them an easy way to contact you. Thankfully, Vistaprint will help you get your cards for “free” (have to pay shipping).

Order Your “Free” Business Cards

Click to check 'em out!

1. Go to Vistaprint.

Click Free Business Cards on the bottom left of the homepage.

In the upper right of this page you’ll be able to watch a snazzy video that will walk you through everything.

2. Enter text for front side.
  • Company Name – If you have it, include your LLC (e.g. “JuniorBiz, LLC”).
  • Company Message – Your tagline.
  • Your Name – Your full name.
  • Address – Your position in the company (e.g. “Founder”).
  • Phone – Your direct line.
  • Email – Best to have “…”. Next best, “…”. Create a gmail account if you don’t already have one.
  • Website – Leave off the “http://www.” (e.g. “”).
3. Select your design.

Choose the one that most accurately reflects your company. You can also upgrade to a premium design or submit your own.

Check the “I have read the statement above and approve.” under Online Proof Approval.

Click Next. Then Continue as Guest unless you have an account.

4. Select your options.
  • Quantity – Stick with 250 for free.
  • Paper Stock – Get matte finish for free. Glossy is the next best option.
  • Back Side – The free option includes an advertisement for Vistraprint on the back. I recommend going “Black | No Printing” for a few bucks more.
  • Matching – You don’t need anything else unless it really catches your fancy.
  • Recommended – You don’t need anything here but I have always wanted one of those metal business card holders.
  • Free Internet Marketing – Don’t do it. They’ll buy and own the domain you want and charge you monthly to use it.
5. Checkout.

Finish filling out the Delivery Address, Billing Address, Payment Information, and print out your Order Confirmation.

Your business cards should arrive within 2-3 weeks!

I know they advertise this deal as “Free” and you have to pay for shipping, but anything under $15 for 250 business cards is a steal. Some printers charge upwards of $80 – $100 for business cards.

If you want to bypass the free business cards to upgrade to customized cards, good for you! We ordered glossy cards with a custom design for our book and use them as bookmarks when we sell books.