Facebook vs. Twitter

Stanley Tang: Facebook Clobbers Twitter by 406%

by Nicholas Tart

Exactly four months ago I interviewed a 17-year-old, bestselling author with more than 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Twitter has been all the rage over the last year or two. But does Twitter still deserve to be “all the rage”? According to one of the few people in the world with more than 100,000 followers, there is a better solution to your social media struggles.

I’m going to share Stanley’s secret tip, explain what we changed, and detail how this change has boosted our Facebook traffic by 356% with almost zero additional effort.

Before Stanley Tang

Prior to picking the brain of Stanley Tang, like most website owners I put almost 100% of my social media effort into building my Twitter account. I put several hours per week into tweeting, retweeting, replying, searching, following, listing, and perusing the Twittersphere. With all that, I managed to extract 4.6% of my traffic from Twitter in the four months leading up to Stanley’s interview.

Facebook Twitter Before Stanley Tang

What Did Stanley Say?

“Over the past year, the effectiveness of Twitter as a marketing tool has decreased slightly. Before, when I had 10,000 followers and I sent out a link, I’d probably get the same amount of clicks as I get today – and I have over 100,000 followers. Twitter has gotten kind of saturated.

“I would start with Facebook, as opposed to Twitter. Mark Zuckerberg has done some amazing things, including the open graph project, which is a great idea to connect people. Facebook is going to be the next Google.”

What Did We Change?

I realized that I’ve experienced the same thing, except on a smaller scale. When @JuniorBiz had about 800 followers I would get anywhere from 5-15 clicks within 10 seconds of posting a tweet. Now with 2700 followers, I’m lucky to get a few clicks per tweet over a matter of days.

So I immediately looked into how I could more effectively integrate Facebook with my site. I found the Like-Button-Plugin-For-WordPress plugin and installed it. This easily customizable plugin puts the nifty “Like” button at the top of every post (or page too, if you want). Here is a working example of the “Like” button:


Click it and comment to see how it works.

We also created a Facebook page for our book, but this was meant to drive traffic back to the book site, not JuniorBiz.

What are the Results?

In the last four months since interviewing Stanley Tang, our Facebook traffic has increased by 356% and the only significant change we made was adding the “Like” button to our posts. We have 2,739 followers on Twitter compared to 110 fans on Facebook. Yet, Facebook now drives 406% more traffic and I’m still spending more time on Twitter.

Facebook Twitter After Stanley Tang

Stanley Tang was Spot-On

Two paragraphs in Stanley’s interview helped us increase our traffic from the 2nd biggest site in the world by 356%. There are eight other things that Nick and I are working on right now as a direct result of Stanley’s advice.

He continues to detail exactly:

  • How his business got him into an Ivey-league school half-way around the world.
  • How he launched his book as an instant best-seller.
  • Why he is getting out of internet marketing.

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Photo by: Daily Herald