Show What You Truly Feel With Video

Show What You Truly Feel With Video

by Jared OToole

This is a guest post by Jared O’Toole, owner of

What happens every time a company makes a mistake or gets called out on something? We see a press release or statement sent out that addresses the matter and tries to put it to rest. These press releases are structured, proof read 100 times and simply look insincere.

STOP IT! Show your emotion with a video statement.

This works especially well in the world of small business. As small business owners we are always embarking on new campaigns and pushing out new features trying to find that big break for our company. However sometimes these things go out with the best intentions but end up causing negative backlash. More often than not this was not foreseen by the owners and they simply stated their new venture in the wrong way. The intentions were 100% focused on improving the service for their customers or public and things simply back fired.

What happens next?

Behind closed doors these owners hang their heads and can’t believe the blunder they made. They talk with friends or employees and voice their concern and regret because they simply made a mistake and had no intentions of it coming across the way it did. These owners feel like crap! Genuinely!

Well they know they have to address this so what do they do…probably a structured press release or blog post on the site about the issue and they try and say sorry. This is simply not the best way to do it!

Take out your flip cam or macbook and make a 3min video. Show that concern your friends, family, employees, and consultants all saw. Show that emotion everyone else saw and broadcast it to your entire audience. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make videos regularly or don’t like being on camera. The fact is that all makes it more real! People connect with that real and raw feel of the video and your regret or concern for what happened will show through.

Mistakes happen. It’s just fine to hang your head and be upset about the results of something. Just show it! Don’t keep those emotions behind closed doors.

I also have to say that this works for positive things to. Show that excitement when something great happens! You don’t have to be made for camera to show some emotion for things. Your friends, family, and others close to your business truly know how good/bad you feel about things… Let the rest of us know!

This post was contributed by Jared O’Toole. He is co-founder of a social network for young entrepreneurs, His mission is to lead people to go out and do something they are passionate about instead of falling into the rat race and playing by corporate America’s rules. Under30CEO’s newsletter allows anyone to ask a business question and get answers from real people in their inbox or Twitter feed.

Photo by: Stuck in Customs