I’m pretty level-headed but there are a few things that get under my skin.

Last week Yahoo! put up an article about our interviewees and over 400 people commented. About 90% of those comments were, “hooray teenagers,” “go for your dreams,” “that’s inspiring,” blah-dee-dah. But that other 10% really made me tick.

I can’t help but fire back. Below I’ve listed five of the more intelligent comments that hate on young entrepreneurs and I’ve detailed why they’re flat-out wrong.

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Last Friday night I was sitting in a Chicago hotel room and had just paid $10 to access the internet.

I opened my Gmail and there were about 100 more emails than I was expecting. Our book’s website had an extra 5,000 pageviews and JuniorBiz boasted an extra 2,000 pageviews.

After a few minutes of Sherlock Holmes-ing, I realized that “finance.yahoo.com” had sent a couple thousand people to our sites. It took me all weekend to figure out what happened.

Here’s the down-low on how we got on Yahoo’s homepage, the fourth most popular website in the world.

[Find out how we got on Yahoo!]

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Larry and Sergey tried to sell Google for $1 million. Two friends were banned from computers before they started Microsoft. At least three of these companies got started in a garage.

The world’s top 25 brands were started by normal people with extraordinary determination. But, as you’ll see, everything started as nothing.

Find out how your favorite brands rank against each other and discover the incredible stories about how they started.

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Last night I helped a friend start a non-profit because she had no idea where to start. It made me realize that there are lots of people who want to start something but have no idea where to begin.

Before you do anything, you need to know who you are as an organization (mission), what you want to do (vision), and how you’re going to do it (values).

Every major decision you make will be based on this foundation. If you’ve never established your mission, vision, and values, you need to do it now. Let me show you how Google did it.

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