Never Feel Rejection

The One Trick to Never Feeling Rejection Again

by Casanova Joe

Magicians make rabbits disappear. The following letter reveals how to make rejection disappear – whether in business or in love.

This is the only place on the web where you can get business advice from the pros right alongside advice that will help you win the affections of that certain someone (you know who we’re talking about 😉 ).

Read it, absorb its secrets, and you’ll never feel that icky rejected feeling ever again.

Dear glistening JuniorBiz reader,

My name is Casanova Joe and I am the world’s most successful Casanova. As I write this, I lay on the white sand beaches of Punta Leona, Costa Rica, completely surrounded by beautiful people in swimwear.

It’s hard to believe, but even Casanova Joe has tasted the bitter pomegranate of romantic failure. Actually, I don’t remember a specific instance, but I am pretty sure that it has happened to me at least once.

The Hardest Part of Being an Entrepreneur…

Sandy RocksBut as an aspiring entrepreneur myself, I have often failed. Adam Horwitz, the 18-year-old internet guru, once said, “The hardest part about being an entrepreneur is that you’ll fail ten times for every success. So, I’ve failed at least 30 times… but, they were not failures to me.”

Adam went on to explain that those ‘failures’ were pivotal pit-stops on his ultimate road to big business success (he’s 18 and his latest product ‘Mobile Monopoly’ just earned $1.5 million during a three-day launch).

For Adam, when one of his online ventures went awry, that merely meant that he could rule out that road to success and start blazing a new trail.

The Hardest Part of Being in Love…

Punta Leona Costa RicaIn your love life, the same principal applies. Maybe that guy or gal of your dreams isn’t giving you the time of day because they’re playing hard to get. Maybe not (tell-tale signs of ‘not’ include throwing a drink in your face and/or giving you a wedgie).

But you would never know for sure if you didn’t first try. Each rejection gets you one step closer to ‘the one’. The road to the right person (or the right business) is always going to be paved with rejection – just like Adam and his cornucopia of failed blogs.

So What’s the Trick?

The trick to never feeling rejection again isn’t just in realizing that you are never going to find the right route without wandering down a few dead ends, but in realizing that those dead ends are actually a crucial part of the journey to your ultimate success.

Next time you are met with rejection in business or in love, cross that road off of your map and move on. Have you ever looked at a map? There are a lot of roads.

Love Always,
Casanova Joe

P.S. That quote of Adam’s is from ‘What it Takes to Make More Money than Your Parents’ – a book of interviews with young entrepreneurs freshly compiled by the dynamic duo behind JuniorBiz. In it, Adam reveals how he makes $100,000’s as a teenager who still lives with his parents. You can grab a free chapter and watch Adam’s entire interview for free, right here. Just enter you email in the blue box.