Keep Yourself Motivated, Perpetually

4 Quick Steps to Keep Yourself Perpetually Motivated

by Stefan Knapen

Feeling down a bit? When your friends talk about their latest victory on Command of Conquers, does it make you eager to play video games?

Sometimes motivation can be hard, especially for young entrepreneurs. You probably don’t have many friends with the same mindset, who are in the same kind of business you are in. That moment is hard, it is hard to keep motivated, every time. To never give in.

This post will walk you through four things you can do to keep yourself perpetually motivated.

1. Think of the future.

Dedicating your weekend to the new Need for Speed sounds tempting, but having a solid income from your business is better. The more time you invest now, the further ahead you will be for the rest of your life.

You’ve already started your career as a young entrepreneur. You’re in the position now to continue what you’re doing and you’re in the position to accomplish a lot more, at an age that will amaze people.

2. Follow a mantra.

‘I will have a solid income before I turn 24’. And say it over and over again. Hang it on your door, make sure it is the first thing you see every morning. Act like it. That mantra is what will support you through all the hard times.

3. Get closer to your goal instead of falling further away.

Every decision you are going to make will either bring you closer  to your goal (write a post at 11pm), or take you further away (watching Friends at 11pm). Once you realize this, you’ll think twice before you act, before you make a decision. Think twice, realize what kind of impact this decision will have on your life.

4. Give in every once in a while.

This sounds contradictory, but giving in every now and then isn’t bad. Go ahead, play a couple of games of Fifa with your friends. It’ll bring you closer together, it takes your mind off of your business for awhile. Being busy with your business all the time isn’t good. But make sure you know your limits. Don’t lose yourself in a stupid game like World of Warcraft.

Take these four tips, and you will be one step closer to keeping yourself motivated to do awesome things, over and over again.

Have the mantra. Mine is: ‘You are here to do more’, and I will keep it in mind. Think twice about every decision, but don’t lose yourself in being focussed on your business all the time. And especially don’t lose yourself in stupid distractions!

Good luck.