Levitra pills: how to indicate erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction may indicate the risk of coronary artery disease, stroke, and even death, warn experts at the University of Nanchang in China after study about Levitra pills. The study was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Erectile dysfunction is described as the impossibility of achieving and maintaining an erection sufficient to perform sexual intercourse. The diagnosis is made if the problem persists for about six months.

In more than half of cases, the problem occurs due to a violation of blood supply in the cavernous bodies. To treat it, doctors use drugs that restore blood supply. The most popular medications for the treatment of erectile dysfunction are based on sildenafil. This ingredient allows men to occur and maintain an erection for 5 hours. Levitra is one of the medications which has sildenafil as an active ingredient. The association between erection problems and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, scientists had noticed before but did not study it thoroughly enough.

Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 25 major works, which involved more than 150,000 men. As it turned out, men with erectile dysfunction are 59% more likely to suffer from coronary heart disease or atherosclerosis, 34% more likely to die from stroke, and 33% higher risk of death from all causes. The highest risk was found among men over 55 years of age, with diabetes or smokers. Besides, the risk was higher in men who suffered from erectile dysfunction for less than seven years, but the reasons for this are unclear.

“Erectile dysfunction can develop years before men develop other signs or symptoms of cardiovascular disease,” says cardiologist Ron Blankstein. In addition to cardiovascular disease, the erectile function can be influenced by many factors: stress, anxiety, sleep disorders, smoking, alcohol consumption, and some drugs – blood pressure control drugs, antidepressants, antihistamines, etc. Explore prices of Levitra tablets at https://viaqx.com/erectile-dysfunction/levitra/. Therefore, when erectile dysfunction occurs, it is important to establish its cause, the researchers explain. “In many cases, it may be the first sign of cardiovascular disease,” Blankstein says. “If erectile dysfunction is regularly disturbed, a man needs to pay attention to the fact that it may indicate heart failure.”

In addition, erection problems can cause depression, which also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Researchers even call the penis a “canary in a coal mine.” This expression is from miner’s slang – in the past, these birds, extremely sensitive to gas impurities in the air, were brought into the mines to check for the presence of life-threatening gases. If the canary behaved unnaturally or died, the miners immediately left the place.

“The artery that delivers blood to the penis is quite small in diameter, which is the first to suffer from the disease,” Blankstein explains. “They can’t expand and provide sufficient blood flow.” To find out whether erectile dysfunction is associated with heart disease, you will need a doctor’s examination.

Particular attention should be paid to abnormalities in blood sugar from the norm, which may indicate diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, as well as atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries.

If there are problems with potency, researchers first recommend stopping smoking. “Smoking is an essential modifiable risk factor for both heart disease and erectile dysfunction,” Blankstein says.

The next steps will be getting rid of excess weight and exercise. This will help improve not only the libido but also the condition of the entire cardiovascular system in the long run. More plant-based foods should be included in the diet.