JJ Entry #7

The Ray-dio Show: JJ Entry #7

by Nicholas Tart

Week 6 of the JuniorBiz Project Charter has come and gone. The highlight of the week was being featured on a radio show with the former mayor of Fort Collins, Ray Martinez. Trevor Trout, Traver Heckman and I also had the honor of being on the show on a very special day for Ray, his birthday!

I’ll go into more detail about the show in the 5th objective. During the rest of the week I was busy with the other 4 objectives of the project charter.

Nick Tart on Ray Martinez’s Radio Show

Obj. 1: Finish Guide

For the majority of the week, Emil Motycka (co-author of the Official JuniorBiz Lawn Mowing Guide) has been critiquing and adding to the guide. In the meantime, I designed the front and back cover of the guide with Microsoft Publisher. Additionally, I created a “Coming Soon” module on the homepage of JuniorBiz.com for anyone who wants to pre-order the guide, but nobody has.

Obj. 2: Increase Traffic

I didn’t spend much time this week on increasing traffic to JuniorBiz.com. My only task was to leave a comment on an influential blog with a link back to my site. So I read one of Ben’s new posts on TeenLawnCare.com and left a comment with a link at the bottom. JuniorBiz.com only had 135 visitors in week 6. Traffic growth has been fairly stagnant the last two weeks because I have been focused on finishing the guide and editing my business plan.

Obj. 3: Boost Online Presence

The third objective is to boost JuniorBiz’s online presence. Once again, Twitter consumed all of my time under this objective. By using Twellow.com I searched “high school business” and followed everyone in the search results. Additionally, I chose and followed 100 more people from the keywords “high school.” Surprisingly, the majority of the people were high school teachers. At this point, Twitter seems to appeal more to an older market (20+) than it does to teenagers.

However, on Wednesday Andriy Noble (aka M4fia) replied to one of my Twitter updates. Andriy is a high school student who is taking college business classes. He gave me some advice on how to get more Diggs for my articles and also offered to help me with JuniorBiz.com.

Obj. 4: Add Content

According to the project charter, JJ Entry #6 was supposed to be the only new content on JuniorBiz.com last week. But when I found out that I was going to be featured on Ray Martinez’s show, I wanted a more relevant article to appear at the top of the homepage. So I wrote “Youthful Entrepreneurship Will Save America” and posted it before the show. I also tried to promote the article through Twitter and thus far it has received 123 hits and 4 Diggs.

Obj. 5: Expand Local Awareness

Expanding JuniorBiz’s local awareness was the major objective for the week. Prior to being on the radio show, I spent many long hours editing the business plan. By Wednesday April 1st, I have to submit 6 hard copies and 1 electronic copy of the JuniorBiz business plan to the Venture Adventure Business Plan Competition. A lot has changed since I last updated the plan in December, so there was a lot that needed to be done.

Side note, FedEx Kinkos was going to charge me $306 for printing and binding 6 color copies of the business plan… As a dedicated bootstrapper, I’m going to pull some strings with the CSU College of Business so I can print my own. It’ll cost me no more than $50 for the glossy paper and the bindings.

Saturday was the highlight of my week and maybe my year. The “Ray-dio Show” was extraordinarily and inexplicably fun for me! Not only did I have the opportunity to spend two hours with Ray Martinez, the current mayor of Fort Collins, Doug Hutchinson, called in and I got to talk to him too. The whole experience was exhilarating and I hope I get to do it again someday.

At the end of the show Ray gave us each a copy of his newest book and autobiography, “Baby Boy-R.” It’s a heartwarming story of a son who refuses to give up trying to discover where he came from and the courageous mother who welcomes back the boy she thought died at birth. I haven’t had the chance to read it yet, but am looking forward to reading it this summer..