JJ Entry #6

Written and Passed Through Congress: JJ Entry #6

by Nicholas Tart

This week was spring break. My spring break was chock-full of JuniorBiz project charter duties. I talked to a lot of interesting people about my idea as well as made a lot of headway with publishing the guide. Finally selling something besides advertising space will be a momentous step for JuniorBiz.com.

All in all, Spring Break ’09 was pretty fun!

Obj. 1: Finish Guide

I spent the majority of my time this week putting the final touches on the Official JuniorBiz Lawn Mowing Guide. Within the realm of Objective 1 I edited and formatted the book, designed the cover and passed on the guide to Emil Motycka. Emil is an award-winning teen lawn entrepreneur and has agreed to review and add his insight and experience into the OJLMG. On Saturday, I met with him for the first time. At that point he had already gone through the guide and made several notes. This week he is going to send the guide back with his additions.

The guide has been written and passed through “Congress.” Now it’s up to an “executive decision-maker” to make the final additions before it is published into “law.”

Obj. 2: Increase Traffic

The second objective was to increase traffic to the site. My only task this was to bookmark the new articles with Del.icio.us. At 129 visitors, it was the second most trafficked week ever. Just under last week’s record of 152 visitors. Once the guide is published and for sale, I’ll be spending more time on this objective.

Obj. 3: Boost Online Presence

Boosting JuniorBiz’s online presence was the third objective. Once again, I spent a lot of time on Twitter. But if it wasn’t working, I wouldn’t be spending so much time with it. I continued the pattern of following 20 new people per day. This week I focused on following high school teachers and students. I figure it’s time to start following my target market even though high school students aren’t very prevalent on Twitter. JuniorBiz gained 111 followers this week.

Obj. 4: Add Content

The fourth objective was to add content. After all, JuniorBiz.com is essentially a blog. So on Sunday I wrote the JuniorBiz Journey Entry #5, which has had 59 hits thus far. Then towards the middle of the week I was finalizing the guide and couldn’t find a comprehensive list of basic business terms. So I made my own, “27 Basic Business Terms,” and posted it as the second article of the week.

Obj. 5: Expand Local Awareness

The final objective for the week was to expand JuniorBiz’s local awareness. I was pretty lucky this week! Early on I was contacted by Lucinda Kerschensteiner of the Larimer County Business and Enterprise Program. She saw my presentation earlier this year at the Northern Colorado Entrepreneurs Network. Their program will be providing a youth entrepreneurship course to local students this summer. I told her that I am very interested in working with their program and will hopefully contribute to their course!

Later in the week I received a phone call from Erick Strobel who is in the process of opening up a rehabilitation facility for younger people here in Fort Collins. The Hart Center will provide a transitional living home for youth 18 to 30 and will give access to education and life skills programs. Erick got my contact information through Greg Hernandez and was just touching base with me to see if I had any ideas. It would be a great opportunity for me to work with his organization.

The final conversation I had this week was with a 28-year old entrepreneur who travels the world and conducts his “home-based” business simultaneously. After interviewing Quinton Carlin about his home business opportunity, he asked me about my interests. So I told him about JuniorBiz and he seemed fairly fond of the idea. He was willing to help me out and sent an email to a list of contacts with a link back to JuniorBiz.com. In the email he wrote, “We hit it off and started talking about his project that I think is AMAZING! Check it out here and send the link to any friends or family members who have motivated, visionary children.” That was the highest trafficked day of the week for JuniorBiz.com..