JJ Entry #5

Milestone, Guide is Written: JJ Entry #5

by Nicholas Tart

During week 4 of the JuniorBiz Project Charter I reached my first milestone. At 51 pages long the Official JuniorBiz Lawn Mowing Guide is written! I still need to do a fair amount of editing and formatting this week, but the bulk of the guide is complete.

This first objective was my focus this week but I was still actively engaged in the other 4 objectives.

Obj. 2: Increase Traffic

The 2nd objective for the week was to increase traffic to the site. My 1st task for this objective was to submit JuniorBiz, LLC to the ZoomInfo business directory. They are currently working on their site so I put in a request to be emailed when this function is working. The next task was to post a comment on an influential blog with a link back to JuniorBiz.com. This increases the chance of someone finding the site as well as boosts my Google PageRank by adding an inbound link. I posted a comment on BarbaraBasher.com. Furthermore, JuniorBiz.com broke a “personal” record with 152 visitors last week. The previous highest was 110.

Obj. 3: Boost Online Presence

Boosting JuniorBiz’s online presence was the next objective for the week. I continued spending a good deal of time on Twitter and gained 83 new followers last week. Additionally, I created Facebook and MySpace accounts for JuniorBiz.com. Then I listed all of my social media accounts on Twellow.com.

Facebook offers more applications for businesses to promote their websites so I’ll direct most of my effort towards promoting the JuniorBiz page on Facebook. In 5 days I have accumulated 11 fans, including 2 people I didn’t previously know. Here are a few comments I received from people through Facebook:

  • Klint Reiber – “Dude I wish I knew about this when I was trying to start a lawn care business last year.”
  • Jake Hicks – “Awesome idea. This could help a lot of people… That is definitely something that could go far. It’s crazy how many people try to make their own work but can’t do it because they don’t have any structure or knowhow to make it work… Just having ideas to get started is huge because it is tough to do and compete… It really is an easy thing to do IF you can get your foot in the door and do it right.”
  • Matt Pippen (owner of Teen Media Productions) – “Sounds awesome! I wish you the best of luck with it. It seems that a lot of interest is currently going into young entrepreneurs.”

In addition to the new social media accounts, OnlineCollegeDegree.org recently listed JuniorBiz.com in their list of the “100 Best Blogs for Young Entrepreneurs.” JuniorBiz.com is listed in the “General Young Entrepreneur” category with sites like www.entrepreneur.com/tsu and www.youngentrepreneur.com. We’re last in the category but still 15 from the top!

Obj. 4: Add Content

As far as the 4th objective, the only content I added to the site was the JuniorBiz Journey Entry #4. However, this article has received 75 hits and two comments; including one from Ben Foster (owner of www.teenlawncare.com):

  • I love these JJ posts, because it really interests me how you do all these different things with your blog. (400-some followers on twitter. Awesome!) After you contacted me about the EBook review, I have been reading your blog a bit, and I really love it! Thanks for a great blog, and I hope we can network in the future [:

Obj. 5: Expand Local Awareness

The 5th and last objective for the week was to expand local awareness. According to the project charter I was supposed to edit the business plan, but didn’t quite get around to it. So I will be busy with that this week. My other task/rendezvous was a meeting with Diane Ellsworth. We wrote the business plan together last semester and she will be moving to Alberta, Canada soon. In a previous post she said, “I can stir up the teen entrepreneurs in Alberta for your site.”.