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Summer 2009 Project Charter Goals Report: JJ Entry #25

by Nicholas Tart

Beautiful sunny days make it hard to sit inside and work on a computer. And this is evident by me only achieving 11 of my 20 goals. Whether I errored in setting or accomplishing, I certainly learned from this experience.

Objective 1: To develop the guides.

I wanted to continue promoting the Official JuniorBiz Lawn Mowing Guide and write the Official JuniorBiz 75 Young Business Ideas. I didn’t do as much as I should have in terms of promoting the OJLMG. And this objective changed dramatically for the OJ75YBI.

Now, I want to offer the list of young business ideas on my new site for free. It’s the type of list that could bring a lot of traffic to my site, and that traffic is more valuable than $12 per copy I would have charged. This list is currently unfinished but rests at over 100 business ideas.

Goal 1 – To sell 50 copies of the Official JuniorBiz Lawn Mowing Guide.

Initial: 3 books

Goal: 50 books

Actual: 26 books

Accomplished: No

Goal 2 – To finish the Official JuniorBiz 75 Young Business Ideas.

Initial: 0% done

Goal: 100% done

Actual: 50% done (I have a list of 100+ ideas but need to add descriptions)

Accomplished: No

Objective 2: To increase traffic.

I focused a lot more on this objective but still only accomplished two of my four goals.

Goal 3 – To have and rankings in the top 300,000.

Initial: 565,603 on Alexa and 869,276 on Compete

Goal: 300,000 on both

Actual: 333,433 on Alexa and 456,500 on Compete

Accomplished: No

Goal 4 – To have 500+ visitors in one week.

Initial: 187 visitors (initial record)

Goal: 500 visitors

Actual: 760 visitors (290 in one day from this article)

Accomplished: Yes

Goal 5 – To have a Google Page Rank of 3/10.

Initial: PR 1

Goal: PR 3

Actual: PR 2

Accomplished: No

Goal 6 – To have a Website Grader rating of 95.

Initial: 87%

Goal: 95%

Actual: 97%

Accomplished: Yes

Objective 3: To boost my online presence.

About half way through the summer there was an influx of “Twitter tools to build your followers overnight!” As soon as these came out, it was a lot less impressive to have tons of followers on Twitter. So, I didn’t devote very much time to this objective.

Goal 7 – To have 3,000 followers on Twitter.

Initial: 1,295 followers

Goal: 3,000 followers

Actual: 2,230 followers

Accomplished: No

Goal 8 – To have 100 fans on Facebook.

Initial: 24 fans

Goal: 100 fans

Actual: 55 fans

Accomplished: No

Goal 9 – To have 100 subscribers.

Initial: 23 subscribers

Goal: 100 subscribers

Actual: 55 subscribers

Accomplished: No

Objective 4: To add content.

I was fairly diligent in pursuing this objective. And I accomplished three of my four objectives

Goal 10 – To publish weekly JuniorBiz Journey Entries.

I did indeed publish a JuniorBiz Journey Entry every week. However, I’m changing my strategy with these posts. Their intended to provide a personal aspect to this blog and it doesn’t make sense to stick to a weekly schedule for these posts.

From this point forward I’ll only be publishing JJ Entries if something happens to me and my business that young entrepreneurs can learn from. Or if it’s just really cool!

Accomplished: Yes

Goal 11 – To publish 13 new articles.

Initial: 12 articles

Goal: 25 articles

Actual: 29 articles

Accomplished: Yes

Goal 12 – To have an article with 25 Diggs or 50 Retweets.

Initial: 4 Diggs and 5 Retweets

Goal: 25 Diggs or 50 Retweets

Actual: 87 Diggs and 14 Retweets (on ‘Marketing’ Has More P’s Than ‘Hippopotamus’)

Accomplished: Yes

Goal 13 – To have a Technorati Authority of 10.*

Initial: Authority of 2

Goal: Authority of10

Actual: Authority of 2

Accomplished: No

* Even though my Technorati Authority didn’t improve, I have about 1,000 more incoming links than I did at the beginning of the summer. So I’m not sure why my authority didn’t increase.

Objective 5: To expand local awareness.

This was my most successful objective of the summer. Talking with other entrepreneurs is one of my favorite things to do. Maybe that’s why I didn’t have a hard time accomplishing all of my goals under this objective.

Goal 14 – To be featured in 5 forms of local press/media.

Initial: 1 press mention

Goal: 6 press mentions

Actual: 6 press mentions

Accomplished: Yes

Goal 15 – To meet 30 new business professionals.

Initial: a lot

Goal: 30 new business professionals

Actual: 110 new business professionals (73 were local)

Accomplished: Yes

Goal 16 – To continue to develop professional relationships with people I’ve met.

This was a poorly written goal. But I kept in contact with most of the people I’ve met so far this year. So, I consider it a success.

Accomplished: Yes

Objective 6: To widen my knowledge-base.

This was one of my most important objectives for the summer. It’s difficult to quantify, but I feel like I learned more this summer than I did in my spring semester of school. I did a lot of reading and thinking.

Goal 17 – To read Baby Boy-R.

Initial: 0% done

Goal: 100% done

Actual: 100% done

Accomplished: Yes

Goal 18 – To read Think and Grow Rich.

Initial: 0% done

Goal: 100% done

Actual: 100% done

Accomplished: Yes

Goal 19 – To read Web Marketing: All-in-One for Dummies.

Initial: 0% done

Goal: 100% done

Actual: 62.5% done

Accomplished: No

Goal 20 – To read 1 blog post or Internet article per week.

Initial: a lot

Goal: 13 new articles

Actual: 100+ new articles

Accomplished: Yes

The Wrap-Up

About a week into my project charter I found one of the most incredible sites I’ve ever seen. And to top it off, it was developed by a 15-year-old from New Jersey. I spent over eight hours on that site in one day. This experience inspired me to redevelop my entire website.

This added a hefty objective to my summer. I spent more time learning web development than anything else and this contributed to me only accomplishing 11 of my 20 goals.

I’ll be launching the new site in about a month’s time. In order to do this I have to spend a great deal of time putting the finishing touches on the new site. So, I have one more post that I’ll publish tomorrow. After that, I won’t be posting again until I’ve finished and launched the new site.

Stay tuned..