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JuniorBiz in Local Newspapers: JJ Entry #22

by Nicholas Tart

Over the last few weeks JuniorBiz and I have been featured in two major local newspapers, The Fort Collins Coloradoan and The Longmont Times-Call.

In this JJ Entry I’ve included links to both of those articles, as well as described how and why both reporters contacted me for my story.

The Fort Collins Coloradoan

Nick_ColoradoanStudent helps ‘juniors’ pave way to careers
By David Young – July 7, 2009

FORT COLLINS — While the majority of college seniors would be thrilled just to get a job in this uncertain economy, one CSU student has started his own company. Colorado State University senior Nick Tart, 21, runs his own business and published a book to help others pave their own entrepreneurial path.

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Note: My article is no longer on 🙁 But I promise it was at one point.

How I got into ‘The Coloradoan’

Just over a month ago I attended a Social Media Marketing Workshop in Fort Collins. This workshop consisted of a six-member social media panel. One of the panelists was the Multimedia Editor at The Coloradoan, Kate Gannon.

I didn’t actually meet Kate at the workshop but I added her to a few of my social media accounts later that day (Twitter and LinkedIn). She must have looked into my site and we exchanged a few messages. This was the last message I received from Kate:


About a month after that message I was contacted by the Business Reporter, David Young. Apparently Kate had passed on my information. We sent up an interview that day and the above story ran on the next, July 7, 2009.

The Longmont Times-Call

Nick_Times_CallSkyline grad hopes to help young entrepreneurs
By Tony Kindelspire – July 19, 2009 (Today)

LONGMONT — His entrepreneur-focused Web site officially launched in January, and his self-published book came out in April. Oh, and he’s entering his senior year at Colorado State University this fall, majoring in management and marketing.

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How I got into ‘The Times-Call’

So, the mother of Nick Scheidies, the editor of the Lawn Mowing Guide/my ex-roommate/my best friend, owns a dental office in Longmont, CO. When the guide was first published she agreed to hold a few copies in her office in the hope that one of her patients might see it and buy it. (One copy has sold!)

As part of the display, Mrs. Scheidies created a small poster with a picture of me and a short description of the book. I’m not exactly sure how or when it happened, but she sent a copy of that poster to the Longmont newspaper, The Times-Call.

It must have worked its way around the office until it fell into the hands of the Business Editor, Tony Kindelspire. Just a few hours after my interview with the Coloradoan I received a phone call from Tony. For the first few minutes of our conversation I thought he was representing the Fort Collins newspaper, but he was not. This was awesome!

Over the next two weeks I talked to him several times and Times-Call photographer, Joshua Buck, planned out the picture. (Josh actually made the above lemonade stand from scratch for, initially, the sole purpose of the photo! Him and his daughter also used it for their lemonade stand.) There was no real rush for the story and it ran in the paper today, July 19, 2009.

Thank You

I want to thank everyone involved. This has been a crazy-good two weeks for me and I really appreciate it!

I’ve also been contacted by a media group at CSU for a story because of the ‘Coloradoan’ article. That article isn’t likely to run until August.

Leave a note in the comments area if you found my site through either of these articles. That would be great to know, thanks!.