JJ Entry #2

Testing the Project Charter: JJ Entry #2

by Nicholas Tart

Sunday brought to an end the first week of the JuniorBiz Project Charter. In this last week I completed tasks to progress toward each of the 5 objectives.

My objectives for the semester are to finish the lawn mowing guide, to increase website traffic, to boost my online presence, to add and promote content on the site and to expand the local (Fort Collins) awareness of JuniorBiz.

Obj. 1: Finish Guide

The first and main task I worked on this week was to continue writing the guide. But first I listened to a 60-minute audio lawn mowing guide to get some ideas. This guide is focused more on creating a full-scale, professional lawn care service but it did give me a few ideas. My task for the week was to write the operations stage of the Official JuniorBiz Lawn Mowing Guide. This stage included everything from properly mowing a lawn to dealing with difficult customers. I completed writing this stage but will have to go back and edit next week.

Obj. 2: Increase Traffic

The next objective was to increase traffic. My first task here was menial but necessary. I created a Del.icio.us account and bookmarked all of the articles on JuniorBiz.com. This stores these articles in the Del.icio.us database and will ultimately (but minuscule) increase traffic to the site. Another thing I did was email about 30 people who have helped me with JuniorBiz to check out the JuniorBiz Journey Entry #1. On the week I had 109 unique visits and 56% of them were first time visitors. Furthermore, JuniorBiz ended the week with an Alexa Ranking of 1,095,385.

Obj. 3: Boost Online Presence

Boosting JuniorBiz’s online social media presence was the next objective for the week. This week I focused entirely on Twitter. Each day I followed 20 new people who I found interesting or relevant to the young entrepreneurial world. These people included social media experts, young bloggers and proud moms. To keep on pace, my goal was to have 267 people following JuniorBiz by Saturday and I had 285. Here are a few of the comments I received about JuniorBiz.com.

  • EmpowerFitness@JuniorBiz Checked out your website. Great Idea!!
  • computerangel@JuniorBiz – hey great site – just sent it to my 13yr old who keeps whining he wants money – want him to nurture his inner entrepreneur!
  • meant2beamom@JuniorBiz Good for them! They need 2 learn how 2 work 4 themselves – so many adults aren’t self-starters and/or need 2 B told what 2 do 🙁

Obj. 4: Add Content

The 4th objective was to add content to the site. In general, search engines give preference to websites that are constantly adding new content. In addition, new content gives people a reason to visit the site. So it is very important that I am constantly adding content to JuniorBiz.com throughout this semester. Last week I wrote a fairly lengthy article about the conception and history of JuniorBiz. Again, I sent a link to about 30 people and got really good feedback from the article.

Obj. 5: Expand Local Awareness

My final objective for the week was to expand the local awareness of JuniorBiz. At the beginning of the week I wrote a short article highlighting JuniorBiz for the CSU Entrepreneurship Newsletter. Then I sent the article to Laura Grette and Burt Deines at the Center for Entrepreneurship at CSU to be published. Unfortunately I was unable to meet with Lee Swanson, owner of the downtown Fort Collins Ben & Jerry’s, but was able to contact him and set up a meeting this week. Additionally, I filled out and printed the ‘Intent to Compete’ form for the CSU Venture Adventure Business Plan Competition. I intend to hand this in with an executive summary at the beginning of next week.

Overall, I feel like the first week of the project charter was productive and I have already seen results. I am happy and excited to move on with the next week. I’ll keep you updated..