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Improving JJ Entry #15

by Nicholas Tart

One day, about a week ago, I spent the majority of my waking hours on That’s right, the majority of the time I was awake that day I was reading articles on a website. Furthermore, this website was developed by a 15-year-old and a 16-year-old. It was unusual to say the least. Why did I do it?

Blogussion is a website that focuses on providing tips for bloggers, new and old, to help improve their blogs. Side note, blogging is something that has never really interested me prior to finding this site. Alex (15) and Janith (16) have done an incredible job of designing and developing Blogussion.

The design you see now is the result of making this decision on the day I decided to write this post

The content of the site was fantastic but I’m convinced the reason I became addicted to was its reader-friendly design and user-friendly layout.

Apparently I am not the first to enjoy this experience on Alex and Janith started their site about 7 months ago and they already have 10,000 unique visitors per month (according to Additionally, Alex told me he receives a lot of compliments on the design aspects of the website.

But I wasn’t just reading, I was thinking about my own site; which the authors intended. How could it be improved? What could it become?

As these thoughts were running through my head, I realized this is the experience I wanted to create for readers on my website. As they read my articles I want them to be thinking about their businesses.

I want my content to be so incredibly honest, informative, entertaining and inspirational that people become addicted to it (in a good way, of course). I want my subscribers to know I posted a new article before they get the email. I will not be satisfied with my website until I receive an email like the one I sent to Alex that night.

After my experience on Blogussion I have much higher expectations for myself and To all 25 of my loyal subscribers, there will be a day when JJ Entries will go hand and hand with your Sunday morning coffee.

In order to ensure this experience I will be completely redeveloping

What you see is the result of the redesign! Let me know what you think.