Your Other 8 Hours Will Make You Rich: Interview with Robert Pagliarini

Love Your Other 8 Hours: Interview with Robert Pagliarini

by Nicholas Tart

I recently had the pleasure of conducting an interview with a #1 Best-selling author, Robert Pagliarini (pal-yuh-ree-nee). This guy is awesome. He’s old (37), but he’s awesome!

Robert has been all over the major news organizations (i.e. Good Morning America, Dr. Phil, 20/20, etc.). And there’s no reason I should’ve been able to talk to him other than the fact that he is passionate about sharing his advice with young entrepreneurs.

On January 5th, Robert published his latest book, The Other 8 Hours, and this interview is focused on how you can use your other eight hours to live a richer life.

The Podcast

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Yes, the static is me heaving into my microphone because I lost the squishy thing on the end. Also, my voice is quiet because I conducted this interview in a public area and I was self-conscious about looking like an idiot who talks to his computer ;)!

The Questions and Highlights

I’ve listened to this interview a few times now and here are a few of Robert’s highlights.

As a heads-up, you sleep eight, you work eight, and the other eight hours is what we’re talking about

Walk me through your other 8 hours on an average day?

I’m a huge proponent of starting the day in a unique and special way. I always have this power shake [in the morning] which is a crazy concoction of about 12 ingredients. It’s totally insane! I have a four-year-old daughter and I gave her a sip once and she spit it out all over the place. It doesn’t taste good but it’s really full of these crazy things that are good for your body.

Then there’s a huge block between 7:30 and midnight and that’s when I do an incredible amount of creating. If I wasted that time, if I watched TV or just didn’t do much with it, there’s no way you would be holding my book in your hands. It just would not have happened.

The flexibility of being an entrepreneur is great but it definitely blurs things so you have to schedule things as much as you can. Then dedicate that time to the things that move your life forward.

My whole thing is that you lose eight hours to sleep and you sell eight hours to your job. So it’s really the other eight hours that you have to move to the next level. Because it’s certainly not going to be when you’re sleeping. It’s not going to be when you’re working. It’s that other magic amount of time where you can advance in your career, start a business, read, do your hobbies, etc. That’s where the real magic occurs.

“I’m all about maximizing my time and being really efficient with it.”

How can the “Other 8 Hours” principle be applied to the life of a young entrepreneur?

We can be single track focused – where all we’re doing 100% of our waking hours is working on our business. What happens is that other areas of our life fall off. The other areas might be our relationships, our health, our spirituality. So it’s important that we take a step back and try to schedule things. Because if it’s not scheduled, it just ain’t gonna get done.

“Spend the other eight hours doing the things that are important to you. Above and beyond just focusing on your business.”

What advice would you give young entrepreneurs?

Being young and being an entrepreneur are two gifts. If you think about it, companies spend billions of dollars a year trying to figure out what young people want. You already know. That’s a huge, HUGE advantage that young entrepreneurs should tap into. You are light years ahead of where other businesses are because you are part of the community already.

Just keep swinging. Don’t be afraid to make a ton of mistakes. Get out there. Start a business. It’s probably going to fail. But that’s fine because you get a tremendous amount of experience. And that third or fourth business that you create that actually goes somewhere would not have happened unless you have learned, and failed a few times before.

Publicity is huge, especially if you don’t have a lot of money. Focus on and really believe the power of the media. Young entrepreneurs have stories. One story that they have, regardless, is that they’re young. Immediately you have a built-in hook. Then tie it into a story. Email your local newspapers, your local radio, or even your local TV and try to sell them on a particular angle or a particular story. Then they’ll take it from there.

“Just getting out there and doing it means so much. Don’t focus on the results, just focus on getting it started.”

If you could go back as a teenager now, how would you spend your other 8 hours differently?

As a teenager I read and I consumed a lot of information – from books, from courses and obviously from my education. When you’re young, you’re consuming 100% of the time. Rather than being a sponge 100% of the time, I would use some of the other eight hours every day and create something. That’s the difference between successful entrepreneurs and everybody else.

I felt like, ‘You know, I’m young. I don’t know what I’m doing so I have to learn more. I have to take more in because I’m just young. I don’t know any better, right?’ Wrong! Take stuff in, but then for part of the time, create. I don’t care what it is. Invent something. Write a book. Write a screenplay. Create something! That will take you to the next level.

“Just create something.”

What’s next for you?

Whelp, I’m going to keep using my other eight hours. That’s for sure. I have a lot of things I would still like to do. One, I would like to make The Other 8 Hours a #1 New York Times Bestseller. That’s a personal goal of mine. And I’m going to do everything I can to make that happen.

Also, I’m working on creating a television show about the other eight hours. I will go into a couple’s house and I’ll figure out what they want to do. Maybe they have some lifetime goals. Then I’ll sit down with them and peel back to uncover what they really want to do then plot out and help them reach their goals and their dreams. My job is to help them go from an idea to an actual, tangible result. That’s the beauty of an entrepreneur.

“What makes an entrepreneur an entrepreneur is that they have an idea and then they do something about it. Those are the people I love to be around. They take action.”

I talked to this guy!

Robert Pagliarini Media Reel from Robert Pagliarini on Vimeo.

Note: Robert has some free resources on that you should check out. They will give you more insight on how you can use your other eight hours to better your life.