What Does 'Entrepreneurship' Stand For?

Learn How to Spell Entrepreneurship Once and For All

by Nicholas Tart

No matter how intelligent, daring, or successful, every business person has made the same mistake: they’ve all misspelled ‘entrepreneurship’. To help us learn how to spell this notoriously tricky word, I’ve concocted a few entrepreneurial acronyms.

The 16 words are tricky in their own right, so this should be a lesson in vocabulary as well as spelling.

ENTERPRISING – energetic in undertaking a difficult project or untried idea. Entrepreneurs must be enterprising if they want their business to be successful.

NEWFANGLED – of a new kind. Entrepreneurs often rely on creative, innovative thinking in order to jumpstart their business ventures. Newfangled ideas are the cornerstone of successful entrepreneurship.

TRENCHANCY – characterized by energy, vigorousness and effectiveness. When the going gets tough (as it inevitably will), tough entrepreneurs get trenchant.

ROMANTIC – imbued with a passionate desire for adventure. Entrepreneurs usually pursue somewhat romantic ideas that other people would call impractical; it is their passion for these romantic ideas that set them apart.

EARNESTNESS – serious in intention, purpose and effort. Any entrepreneur will tell you that their success began with putting forth an earnest effort.

PERSPICACITY – keenness of mental perception, understanding and overall intelligence. Entrepreneurs develop a natural perspicacity for the business world because they’re involved in every facet of their business.

ROUSING – stirring up excitement! Starting a business is often a rousing experience for new entrepreneurs because it is foreign from any other experience they’ve ever encountered.

EDIFYING – encouraging intellectual, moral, and spiritual improvement. The entrepreneurial process is a trying, yet edifying, experience that entrepreneurs will undoubtedly benefit from throughout their lives.

NEOTERIC – modern, new and innovative. The most successful entrepreneurial ventures are businesses that offer something neoteric because they can easily differentiate themselves from other products and services.

EFFERVESCENT – high spirits and cheerfully optimistic. Entrepreneurship is demanding and the entrepreneurs who maintain an effervescent attitude towards those demands are more likely to pull through.

UNDAUNTABLE – unable to be discouraged. Entrepreneurs are often undaunted by the obstacles in front of them because they have confidence in themselves and an unwavering desire to succeed.

REGENERATIVE – of, pertaining to, or characterized by being revived or recreated. For the first time entrepreneur, the success of a business can be a regenerative experience.

SAGACITY – soundness of judgment. Entrepreneurs develop a sense of sagacity for business because they’ve been forced to make so many sound judgments.

HEEDFULNESS – paying close attention and being mindful. Entrepreneurs are heedful towards the needs of the market so they can develop a product or service that consumers will demand.

INDUSTRIOUS – working energetically, diligently and devotedly. Entrepreneurs must be industrious in their work because there are so many tasks that must be completed.

PIGHEADEDNESS – stupidly obstinate and stubborn. Entrepreneurs are notorious for their pigheadedness. Sometimes this quality can lead them to ignore sound advice in favor of fruitless folly, but blind determination is just as often the key to an entrepreneur’s success.

How many new words did you learn?

So maybe those 16 words didn’t teach you how to spell ‘entrepreneurship.’ If this is the case, I have another solution.

Another Spelling Solution

The most commonly misspelled piece of entrepreneurship is the ‘neur’ in the middle. For whatever reason, people generally switch the ‘e’ and the ‘u.’ Here are a few more acronyms you can use to remember the ‘neur’:

  • New Entrepreneurs Undertake Risks
  • Noble Entrepreneurs Utilize Resources
  • Never Eat Uncooked Rascals

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