Want to Help JuniorBiz?

Want to help?

by Nicholas Tart

We are three young entrepreneurs who are passionate about helping younger entrepreneurs. Do you like our site? Do you like what we’re doing? If so, then there are a few ways you can help:

Talk about JuniorBiz.1. Spread the word about our site.

We encourage you to talk about us. There are many ways to do this. Each article has a “share” option. You can send it in an email, post it on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter, and many other things. Sharing one (or many) of our articles is the easiest way for you to help us out. Or you can do it the old fashioned way by simply talking to people about our site.

rss2. Subscribe to our feed.

As many of you know, building a list of dedicated readers is very important for a website. No matter your age, if you enjoy reading our articles, then you should consider subscribing to our feed.  That means you will be notified whenever we post new content. You can subscribe either by reader or by email.

Comment on JuniorBiz3. Become an active community member.

We also encourage lively discussion at JuniorBiz. After each of the articles there is room to place your comments. There are a lot of young people who are eager to learn on this site, so please feel free to share your knowledge and opinions. The more comments, the better.

Write for JuniorBiz4. Contribute a guest post.

Writing articles takes a lot of time on our part, and it may not seem like it but we enjoy doing other things. Simply put, we appreciate it when people do the writing for us. We also look forward to enriching the site with a more diverse array of perspectives.  But that doesn’t mean we will post just any old article you scribble on the back of a notebook! So if you are interested in contributing, see our guest post page.

Donate to JuniorBiz5. Donate.

Giving us money is always an option. We have big plans for our business, but can’t afford them. If you share our passion for youth entrepreneurship, this is something to consider. We would be thankful for any donation you are willing to give. If you are contemplating a sizable donation (in excess of $87), then we would love to hear from you about your excitement for our site!

Buy from JuniorBiz6. Buy something from us.

If you don’t want to just give us money, then another option is buying something. Eventually we will host the ‘JuniorBiz Store’ with various guides and gear to help young people with their businesses. You can buy things for yourself, for someone you know, or donate products of ours to young entrepreneurs in need.

Right now, the Official JuniorBiz Lawn Mowing Guide is our only product. More to come in the future. Stay tuned!

A big, juicy thank you from JuniorBiz!Thank you,

As young entrepreneurs we recognize there is no way for us to accomplish our mission without the help from others. We’re confident there are plenty of nice people out there who share this passion. If you are one of them, we ask for your help.

Thank you and have fun with business!

Nick, Emil and Nick.