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Guest Posts + Digg Shouts = 77% More Traffic: JJ Entry #14

by Nicholas Tart

In the first week of the Summer 2009 JuniorBiz Project Charter traffic to my site increased 77% from 168 to 298 visitors. At this rate I will have over 280,000 weekly visitors by the end of the 13-week project charter. Probably not possible but it is a good start to the summer.

I implemented two new strategies this week to increase my traffic; guest post and Digg shouts.

Guest Posting

About a month ago I received an email from Ben Johnson of LogoInn, custom logo design service based in the U.K. The subject line wrote, “Proposal for a Guest Post on your Blog.” I was flattered that some completely unaffiliated with my site wanted to write an article for me. But at the same time, I was a little skeptical about why someone would be willing to do that.

I understood the general “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” concept behind guest posting, but I wondered who would do the most scratching. Needless to say, I agreed and posted “A Logo Design Agency is One Option” on Friday, May 15th. Since then the article has received 198 hits, 16 Diggs and 2 ReTweets.

In the mean time, I had also been talking to Tommy Walker, a young entrepreneur from New Hampshire. Tommy was also enthusiastic about writing for me and I posted his article, “7 Fun Businesses You Can Run (once you’ve finished your homework)” on Tuesday the 19th. Tommy’s article has received 111 hits, 1 Digg and 3 ReTweets.

Through these 2 guest posts I have learned that entrepreneurs have enormous egos (myself included). As soon as their posts were published, both authors began promoting the heck out of them. So not only did I get free content, I got 2 people who really wanted other people to visit my site. From my perspective, they were doing most of the scratching. (Side note: I have talked to both Ben and Tommy a fair amount since their posts and neither have as big of egos as previously described.)

Overall, allowing guest posts is really effective at driving traffic and developing new professional relationships. Additionally, it gives my readers a different perspective on things in case they are annoyed by my usual rants. I’m going to continue allowing and seeking out guest posts in the future. If you are interested, let me know.

Digg Shouting

Digg is another powerful tool for generating traffic to a website. I’ve almost always dugg my own articles but never realized its true potential until this week. A couple months back I mentioned that I needed 25 Diggs to accomplish one of my project charter goals. Ben Bicais (aka @benb24) kindly offered to give me a hand when I needed it.

So I waited until I had an article that I thought was worthy and I let Ben know that I had published, “Marketing Has More P’s Than Hippopotamus.” Within an hour I had passed 25 Diggs and today it rests at 83 Diggs. For those of you who don’t know, theoretically 1 Digg represents 1 person who read and “Dugg” your article. So by having 83 Diggs there were at least 83 people who read and enjoyed my article.

The day I posted “Marketing Has More P’s Than Hippopotamus” is the single highest trafficked day in’s history with 67 visitors. Thanks to Ben, Tommy and Ben, last week was also the single highest trafficked week in my site’s history with 298 total visitors.

What does this tell me? It’s important to find and know people who are willing to do you a favor. Networking is important to any business but this importance is amplified when you’re networking on the Internet.

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