Generic pills for your sex in the morning

by Nicholas Tart

Scientists from canadian pharmacy claim that lovers of morning sex with generic ED pills work more productively, but some consciously refrain from it. One thousand people took part in the survey on sexual habits. All men and women, whose average age was 36 years, were in a strong relationship, used high quality drugs and lived with their partner under the same roof.

“Not all of us are ready to participate in any undertaking in the morning. Causes of abstinence from morning sex can be body odor and breath, disheveled hairstyle and swollen eyelids,” – said the author of the publication. According to 50% of women surveyed, they simply do not have the mood for sex in the morning and have to take women health pills, while 35.6% said that they do not have enough time. 32.9% indicated that they did not have enough energy at this time of day.

At the same time, 45% of women and 53% of men said that morning sex with Viagra improves their performance and makes them more productive and creative. In addition, respondents who were particularly satisfied with their relationship had morning sex more often than others.