Entrepreneur's First Marketing Plan

Free 10-Week Course to Develop a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy (for adults)

by Nicholas Tart

  • Do you have a revolutionary product or service and don’t know what to do next?
  • Did you recently start a company and have little to no sales?
  • Are you a long-time business owner who is looking to grow?

Entrepreneurs know how to create incredible products and services, but they don’t know how to get the word out. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to learn how to market. You have four options:

  1. Hire a flaky marketing consultant for $75 per hour.
  2. Jog down to your local SBDC and register for a $50 “Basics of Marketing” class that’ll barely skim the surface.
  3. Scour the Internet trying to find the answers to all your marketing issues.
  4. Sign of for my free, 10-week course that will walk you through developing a comprehensive marketing strategy in just one hour per week.

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What are the benefits?

There are three inherent values in this course:

  1. You’ll develop a comprehensive marketing plan. The real value in walking through this process is that you’ll think of, contemplate, and nit-pick at every detail of your marketing strategy. You’ll know exactly what to do and why you’re doing it.
  2. You’ll complete your marketing plan in an organized and timely fashion. I’ve broken down this process into detailed tasks that you’ll complete in a specific order in just one hour per week.
  3. You’ll become more efficient in your marketing activities. Once you’ve completed this course, you’ll have a clear strategy for selling your product or service. You’ll know exactly who you’ll be selling to and how you’ll be reaching them.

Who is this course intended for?

Adults. And other serious entrepreneurs. This marketing plan tutorial is specifically designed for people who have a product or service and want to sell more of it. Whether you’re just about to complete product development, or if you have stagnant sales with an existing product, you will benefit from developing a marketing strategy.

How can I trust that you’re not pulling my leg?

I am in the process of graduating with a degree in Business Administration, a concentration in Marketing and a certificate in Entrepreneurship from Colorado State University. My senior year is culminating with a project in which I am taking almost everything I know about marketing and condensing it into this course.

This is marketing from an entrepreneurial perspective.

But you’re just an arrogant college kid who thinks he knows everything about business because you’re getting a ‘degree’ in it…

I understand. And for the most part, you’re right.

That’s why I’m having others help me. While working on this course I have continuously consulted two of my professors, 11 different marketing consultants and 10 different start-up companies.

It’s legit.

What’s included?

This course is broken down into 10 weeks. Each week you’ll develop a different portion of your marketing plan. In each section I’ll present a marketing concept, provide a real-world company relating it to that concept, and I’ll lay out an exercise that you can go through to contribute to your overall marketing plan.

Establishing Your Goals and Objectives

Week One: Establishing Your Objectives and Goals

You’ll establish your goals and objectives for your ensuing marketing campaign. Before you get your hands dirty with creating your marketing strategy you need to figure out where you’re going.

Segmenting Your Market

Week Two: Segmenting Your Market

You’ll take a broad look at the market you wish to enter and figure out how to divide that market into segments. There are five ways you can segment your market and I’ll help you figure out the best method for your business.

Determining Your Target Market

Week Three: Determining Your Target Market

You’ll establish who your ideal customer is and find out how many of them there are. The more clearly defined your target market is, the more clearly defined your marketing strategy will be.

Creating Your Consumer Decision Making Process Model

Week Four: Creating Your Consumer Decision Making Process Model

You’ll take a look inside your customer’s head and figure out why they would want to buy your product or service. By understanding how your customers make decisions you’ll be able to more effectively tailor your marketing strategy.

Asserting Your Positioning Strategy and Points of Differentiation

Week Five: Asserting Your Positioning Strategy and Points of Differentiation

You’ll nail down exactly how you’re different and better than all of your competitors. Once you know how you’re better than everyone else, you can convey that to your target market.

Marketing Mix: Product/Service Strategy

Week Six: Marketing Mix – Product/Service Strategy

You’ll take a fine-toothed comb through your product or service and compare it to the competitors in your market. By doing this you’ll know if there is anything you need to change with your current product or service.

Marketing Mix: Pricing Strategy

Week Seven: Marketing Mix – Pricing Strategy

You’ll find out exactly how much your product or service is worth. Simply marking up your product or charging by the hour for your service will almost always leave money on the table. Learn how value the products and services that your business provides

Marketing Mix: Promotion Strategy

Week Eight: Marketing Mix – Promotion Strategy

You’ll decide on the best two or three methods you can use to get your business in front of your target market. This week will explain various online and offline marketing tactics so you can determine the most effective promotion strategy for business.

Marketing Mix: Place/Distribution Strategy

Week Nine: Marketing Mix – Place/Distribution Strategy

You’ll choose the most effective channel to get your product from the warehouse to the consumer. Or your service from the kitchen table to the contract. Where is your target market? You’ll find out in week nine.

Week Ten: Anticipating Environmental Forces

You’ll be able to anticipate forces and factors that will lead to changes in your business model. If the banking industry had gone through week 10, then we wouldn’t be in such a financial pickle.

The Ultimate Marketing Plan Example and Template

Bonus Week: The Ultimate Marketing Plan Example and Template

You’ll take everything you’ve done in the last 10 weeks and put it into a comprehensive marketing plan. This is the culmination. This is your marketing blueprint.

Oh, by the way, this is all free. My actual thesis is going to be distributed through a local entrepreneurship organization. But I want it to help more than just the entrepreneurs in my local community.

Are you convinced?

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P.S. There’s a reason corporations have entire departments devoted to marketing. And according to my $40,000 education, two professors, 11 marketing experts and 10 start-up companies… this is exactly how they do it.

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“Business has only two basic functions – marketing and innovation.”
~ Peter Drucker

You’ve already done the innovation. Let me help you with the marketing!.