Top 5 Most Effective Commercial Series on TV

Top 5 Most Effective Commercial Series on TV in 2009

by Nicholas Tart

How many people actually base their purchasing decisions on TV commercials? My guess is, not many… It’s amazing that high-priced commercial segments are still profitable investments. Yet, you’ll never watch a TV show without some form of advertising.

Even though most commercials are uninventive and dull, I’ve listed the five most cleverly-marketed and effective commercial series on TV.

Hershey’s Reese’s

Why it’s so effective: They’re simple, unique and well-branded. As soon as one of their commercials comes on the TV, you know what it’s for. I know they don’t use real Reese’s in the commercial, but they look delectable.

The Shack

I couldn’t find video of the latest Radio Shack commercials but their re-branding efforts recently prompted a joke from Conan O’Brien:

”Radio Shack in the news. Radio Shack is attempting to appeal to a wider customer base. They’re changing their name to “The Shack” (Conan used air quotes). Yeah, experts say it’s perfect for consumers who are scared off by high-tech buzz words like “Radio” (no air quotes).”

– Aired on The Tonight Show last Thursday, August 13th

Why it’s so effective: Similar to Reese’s, they use all the same colors and format for their latest series of commercials. Radio Shack obviously sells more than just radios. The majority of these commercials display other products that they sell in a clean, organized fashion. Not to mention, the radio has been outdated for decades. It makes perfect sense for them to change their name, despite their critics.

Apple’s iPhone

Why it’s so effective: True to Apple’s brand, these commercials are elegant and ‘easy-to-use’. Classic marketing theory suggests that you sell benefits, not features. So what does Apple do? 24 of the 30-seconds are devoted to how these apps are going to help you in your day-to-day lives. It’s brilliant!

Toyota’s Prius

Why it’s so effective: It’s visually appealing, stimulating and fun to watch. The Prius is all about making our world a cleaner place. So what do they do? They make our world look awesome! Plus, it leaves you asking yourself, “How the heck did they do that?”


Why it’s so effective: This is my favorite commercial series on TV. They have two normal looking people sitting in a car, just as a normal customer would. And they’re hilarious! It makes me want to be there. In fact, YouTube is strewn with videos of people making their own Sonic commercials.

This is the only commercial series in recent memory that made me go out and buy something. I had a Cherry Limeade Sonic Chiller and it was delicious! It reminded me of the Flintstone Push-Pops from back when I was a kid.

So how does this apply to young entrepreneurs?

It doesn’t – at least not at this point. These are all giant corporations that have much different intentions with their advertising. As a well-known corporation, their advertising is intended to spur an emotional response that’ll make you choose their product when you’re faced with a purchasing decision.

As a young entrepreneur, the initial goal of your advertising should be to raise awareness for your product or service. If people know about you, then they can buy from you. When the vast majority of your market is aware of your business, your advertising intentions will change.

As your business grows, your marketing strategy will evolve.

Here’s another outstanding commercial by American Express:

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