Designing a Business Logo – The Basics

Designing a Business Logo – The Basics

by Vineet Kothari

Your brand is your promise of quality to your clients. Brand identity can’t be built in a day. It takes a lot of time, money and effort to turn your small business into a recognized brand. But a strong corporate identity is a must if you want your business to be successful.

A brand identity is the most basic of reasons for customers to choose you over other companies. It makes your business appear professional and experienced. Your brand highlights the unique qualities of your business and therefore, attracts potential customers.

The logo is the most important component that determines your brand image. Let’s quickly learn about what it takes to have a successful logo for your business.

This is a guest post by Vineet Kothari. Vineet is the CEO at, a logo design company that provides company logo design and website design and offers affordable logo design prices. Vineet graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and has worked in the digital design industry since 2005.

What is a Logo?

Building a brand identity is not a simple job. Designing a logo is the first step in creating a brand image. Your logo will visually represent your company to the world. It needs to stand the test of time, until you decide to redevelop it.

The logo becomes the symbol of your company and conveys the right message about your business to the customers. It can be used on business cards, letterhead and websites.

Logo Design Types

A logo is your first opportunity to create an impression on your clients. It is the first block for building your brand identity. Therefore, you have to be very careful about the choice of font, style and color. All these factors convey a particular message about your business and should not be neglected.

Logo designs are of two basic types: wordmark and graphical.

Wordmark Logos

Wordmark is usually when a logo simply consists of text, usually the company or brand name. The name is sometimes tweaked with a certain graphical twist to make it more visually interesting. The choice of font is very important for this type of logo as it is the most prominent part of the logo. Some designers even develop new font styles for logos.

Here are a few wordmark logos you’ll recognize:
Wordmark Logos

Graphical Logos

Graphical logos are logos which are not simply text based, but have some icon or symbol associated with them. They can either be a mix of an icon and text or just an icon. The symbol/icon usually represents the vision of the company or explains the nature of business.

Here are a few famous graphical logos:
Graphical Logos

Font and Color Choices

To make the logo interesting and original, you can experiment with the use of colors and symbols. Just check whether these innovations are relevant to your business. The font and color choices are of utmost importance.

Colors used should be bright and attractive if you are in a business which caters to a young and trendy audience. More traditional businesses usually prefer blue and grey tones. These days greens and oranges are the rage because they appear eco-friendly.

The font chosen too can say a lot about your business. Strong, bold fonts denote power and aggression while thinner, elongated fonts appear more delicate, elegant and intellectual.

Experimenting with several fonts and colors is great, but one must also realize that if a logo does not look good in simple black and white, chances are that it wouldn’t appeal to your customer no matter how many colors or special effects are used.

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The Message

Since your logo defines your business, it is important that it puts the right message across. Suppose your company sells children’s toys but its logo is all business – dull and boring. This will misguide your clients and they would not know what to expect from you.

You can also incorporate a tagline to create your brand image. A creative tagline can help your clients connect to your business and also define it better. It has to be catchy and brief, one that has a strong appeal. It should also be easily memorable and express the motto of your organization, not its history.

Things to Remember While Selecting a Logo

The logo should look professional and define the objectives of your business. It has to be unique and original as well.
You should ask your logo designer to give you more than one option for the business logo. This will enable you to choose the one you think would be most appropriate to your business.

You should also receive the final logo from your logo designer in multiple formats and with all the common file types:

  • TIF
  • JPG or JPEG
  • JPG (Grayscale)
  • PSD (RGB) – Adobe Photoshop Format
  • EPS (CYMK Color) – Adobe Encapsulated PostScript Format
  • AI (CYMK Color) – Adobe Illustrator Format

Then you will be able to alter the size of the logo and use it in multiple media, according to various requirements.

All the above details have to be kept in mind while trying to build a brand image for your business. It might take some time for you to get established and evolve as a brand, but a sincere effort will definitely pay off. You can’t go wrong if you stick to these basics of brand identity.

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Photo by: Todd Klassy