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Are you an entrepreneur? Have you ever been invited to a conference, university or church to share the secrets of your success?

Did you scratch your head and say, “dang, but I’ve never spoken before! How am I going to do this?

Twenty-one-year old professional speaker Pedro De Abreu shares the secrets of crafting and delivering a perfect speech that will have people talking about it and you long after you are gone.

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Last Friday night I was sitting in a Chicago hotel room and had just paid $10 to access the internet.

I opened my Gmail and there were about 100 more emails than I was expecting. Our book’s website had an extra 5,000 pageviews and JuniorBiz boasted an extra 2,000 pageviews.

After a few minutes of Sherlock Holmes-ing, I realized that “” had sent a couple thousand people to our sites. It took me all weekend to figure out what happened.

Here’s the down-low on how we got on Yahoo’s homepage, the fourth most popular website in the world.

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“So… What do you do?” Imagine if you nabbed a hundo every time someone asked you that question. You’d be sleepin’ on a bank.

It’s not that far-fetched. Quickly explaining your biznezz to another person is called making an elevator pitch and you need to do it daily if you want to be successful.

Here I’ll give you seven tips for perfecting your elevator pitch to sell your product, service or business idea to almost anyone, anywhere. Let’s make it breezy.

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Have you ever called your crush for the first time and it rings forever? Then it stops ringing and you hear their cute, little voicemail message?

At this point, your palms are getting sweaty and your voice is about to get babbly. But you can’t hang up because they’ll know you called. You have to tough it out. After all, you probably pumped yourself up with rap music for several minutes leading up to the phone call and you can’t let that time go to waste.

On the other hand, if you leave a voicemail that makes you sound like an idiot, that could change the outlook of the relationship forever. This is a life-shaping moment.

Keep flirting with voicemail messages…

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