Build Team

How to Build Your First Business Team

by Alex Papa

When you think of an entrepreneurial success story, you think of one person.

In reality, almost every successful entrepreneur has a team behind them. The entrepreneur gets all the credit because they pulled the team together – similar to how coaches get credit for championships.

If you want to build a business, it’ll be impossible to do by yourself. Today, Alex Papa from is going to give you four tips for building your first team.

Get to Know Yourself

In order to create a winning team you must have a clear understanding of your skills. You must have a good knowledge of what you lack and therefore need. Your team of business advisors should be there to provide the expertise you don’t have.

They should not be made of people who think exactly the same way as you do. You reap the rewards of differing opinions when you draw together a strong and effective team.

Build a Core Team

“You also have to understand that you can’t do it all by yourself. Business is a team project. It may seem like eMillions was just me, but I actually had a transcriptionist, a mentor, a graphic designer, and a copywriter.”
Stanley Tang

A team provides a pool of diverse talents that’s essential to the development of your business. Ideally, your first team should include experts in business management, finance, marketing and law.

For example, a small catering business will need to solidify business relations with an attorney who specializes in the food business, an accountant who knows all about your tax obligations, and an advertising expert who will know how to promote your business in the best possible light.

Establish Your Team Early

No matter what type of business you have, you’ll want to establish your team well in advance of your first deal, sale or agreement with a client. Trying to gather a team in the midst of a deal will lead to choosing poor team members. You may choose an expert who is too expensive, or choose an individual whose personality does not “mesh” with the spirit of your company.

If you run a small car dealership and fail to establish accords with a bank manager, you will be unable to provide fair and honest loan agreements to your customers. You’ll lose customers and those customers will tell their friends not to do business with you.

Attend Local Networking Events

Choosing team members takes time but it doesn’t always take money.

An excellent, free resource is other business people who’ve traveled the same path. Every city has a club, a business association or similar group of community business-people. This is a goldmine for young entrepreneurs who are willing to take advice.

The best part, mentors in your community understand the local issues. They are already connected to the “big” players in your area and many of them love giving free advice and talking over a cup of coffee.

Your business team is there to help you grow and succeed in business. Trying to go it alone is prideful and that leads to failure. Your team is your business, build it wisely.

Photo by: UGArdener