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by Nicholas Tart

JuniorBiz is a site that can help any and all entrepreneurs, but we focus on the young ones. We take seemingly complex business concepts and make them easy to understand and simple to implement. Business doesn’t have to be hard. You’ll realize that.

  • Mission – To teach young people how to start and build businesses.
  • Vision – To become the world’s best resource for young entrepreneurs.
  • Values – Honesty, integrity, transparency and humility.

The information on this site is designed to make it easy to start or build a successful and profitable business. If you are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship, you should get JuniorBiz by Email.

Read about how JuniorBiz started as a class-project.

Nick Tart

Captain of the Ship

Nicholas TartNick Tart is a 25-year-old alumnus of Colorado State University living in Denver, CO.

Nick’s entrepreneurial journey started when he was 12 years old with a 2 1/2 hour lawn mowing escapade. This one lawn turned into a few per week and he was hooked! After running a semi-successful lawn service for 6 years, Nick enrolled at CSU to learn more about his passion for business.

Through his education at CSU Nick realized he didn’t know as much about business as he thought. Had he known everything he learned at CSU, he could’ve ran a much more successful lawn mowing service. As part of the Entrepreneurship Program, Nick developed an idea for a business that teaches about business. And JuniorBiz was born.

Nick registered JuniorBiz, LLC  in February 2009 and published the Official JuniorBiz Lawn Mowing Guide in April 2009.

People have said a few nice things about Nick:

Nick’s quotes:

“Everyone is lazy. Those who are the least lazy are the most successful.”

“When you get a job, you exchange time for money. When you start a business, you exchange effort for money. I think my effort is worth more than my time.”

“Starting a business often involves weeks, months, years of hard work and fruitless labor. If you don’t enjoy that work, if you don’t passionately love that work, you’re not going to finish it.”

“What do you think about when you daydream? That’s your passion.”

Nick Scheidies

First Mate

Nick ScheidiesNick Scheidies has been one of my best friends since high school. After he graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in English, he didn’t know what to do with his life. I recruited him to help me with JuniorBiz, mostly with writing and editing.

In December 2009, Nick and I started compiling a book of interviews with young entrepreneurs, called ‘What it Takes to Make More Money than Your Parents. I was going to do the interviews, and he was just going to do the transcribing and editing.

But with every interview Nick edited, he became less interested in editing and more interested in entrepreneurship. So, when Nick got the idea to interview YouTube’s Mystery Guitar Man (Joe Penna), he decided to contact him and interview him himself (without my help!). Joe told Nick, “If you think that you are going to love something, give it a try. You’re going to kick yourself in the butt for the rest of your life if you don’t.”

Nick realized that he loved making music, art, and videos — especially when collaborating with other people. So he decided to give it a try. On March 2nd, he and his friends started Newborn: a creative collective that sees the world with fresh eyes. You can check out their first creation (a stop-motion music video) by visiting their YouTube page here.

Nick’s quote:

“You say ‘work’. I say ‘work it’.”

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